[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1492494696120{background-color: #ffffff !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] NORMAJEAN J. , Virginia Beach  ( Exhaustion, Immense Fatigue )

As soon as I left my first Bio Energy session with Alp, my pain factor in my right arm went down at least 80 percent! It was mind blowing experience and still is. A big thank you to Alp.

“This healing session has been one of the most powerful I have ever experienced from an energy healer. He addressed my injuries and concerns in a way that words cannot express. I only know that those parts of my body that previously felt injured from surgeries are no longer fragmented and the exhaustion is gone. All ill feeling has been replaced by a pure sense of wholeness at all points of surgery and illness. The immense fatigue I felt within my physical body is now gone. My physical body and energy field are definitely more integrated. I feel peaceful, calm, and know my life-force energy has been returned to me. I can hardly wait for my next healing session with Alp. I offer this testimonial in loving gratitude to those who led me to this

 MEGAN M. , Norfolk ( RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome )

I was diagnosed with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) in 2008 and put on medication. However, the medication gave me terrible heart burn therefore I couldn’t use it. RLS is very painful, you can’t sleep at night and trying to treat it with home remedies like lotions, oils etc just doesn’t work. I was even using my cat brush trying to get some blood flow going on my legs. I pretty much run out of all my options. Then I heard about Alp Ozdel’s energy healing and wanted to try it. Much to my surprise, after just 2 fifteen minutes sessions I stopped experiencing RLS. It was a miracle. Now I can sleep at night like a baby. Thank you Alp…. M. Magnolia, Norfolk Virginia

LATASHA  F. , Virginia Beach  ( Dislocated Shoulder )

I would take like to take a moment to share my story or my experience rather than a story. He offered to heal my dislocated shoulder. I was skeptical at first because it was just something I had prayed for right before he walked in. So I guess I was nervous. When he started he told me just to relax and he hadn’t touched me at all he took his hands and ran it over the area of my shoulder and around my neck area located near my shoulder I started feeling heat and tingling feeling like a sensation all over the right side of my body it was warm like surge just tingling and warm just on my right side. I showed him my hand because I had mood change polish on which reacts to cold and warm. The Polish that change color on my right side indicating that I had warmed up on the right side he was healing. The hair stood up on my arm I showed that to him then as he touched my shoulder he asked me if it was okay to remove my sling and I just took the sling off and begin lifting my arm. I was so surprised he was wonderful it didn’t hurt anymore there was no pain. He told me to lower my arm and then he did it again slowly going over my shoulder slowly. He asked me how I felt I lowered my arm and then up again showing him that it didn’t hurt for me to move it and I could actually move it again. I told him it was a little tight but it didn’t hurt. I gave him the biggest hug and said thank you and laughed because I said look I’m hugging you with both arms really tight and it doesn’t hurt. He was wonderful. And even today it’s still just a little tight. I told him I would keep him posted when I go back to my doctor. I could not believe it there were no drugs or anyting just him and his positive energy.

EKATERINA VAKULENCHIK, Spain ( Anxiety, emotional wounds )
 I would like to thank Alp truly from my heart. I am a healer myself, usually not easily surprised by these kind of things. I was a little hesitant at 1st not only because its hard to find a truly gifted and kind hearted healer, but also because of the distance modality,  I even freaked out a little when sharing my doubts of transfering the energy on such a distance, when Alp said: do you feel it? and my left arm started feeling elecrtified, i wasnt ready for that 🙂 During the 1st session with him, i was given access to a very significant and important information on a karmic level that I never had access too before, and trust me I have been around the block with this things, performing all kind of healing modalities around the world .I am still processing what has been revealed to me and I know more will unfold with time for a definite clearing and healing as we continue working together. He was caring and dedicated from minute 1, i felt secure and safe. I wish there were more people like him in this world, and i truly hope to continue our new friendship. Gracias Alp.
Ekaterina. Distant healing
Zaragoza.  Spain

LALE K. , New Jersey ( Lower Back pain )

I’ve had terrible pain that have hit me from my waist to the left side for over a year. I had no choice, but other than take pain medicine for my severe pain. One day we invited a close family friend for dinner at our house. At dinner, I ran into  Mr. Alp Ozdel at the time. I am glad that I was able to meet him. During a casual conversation, I was able to tell Mr. Alp Ozdel about my severe pain. He offered to help me with the pain I was having. I immediately accepted his help. Mr. Alp Ozdel and I was able to schedule a bio-energy healing session where my family was also present. Mr. Ozdel performed his bio-energy healing technique at a near by garden in front of my family. He was able to  help me get rid of my severe pain completly in just 10 minutes which left my family and I totaly surprised. Ever since that day I have not  experienced any kind of pain around my waist and it is now almost 5 months.

I think it’s one of those special people that God has chosen. May God open His path.

ILKAY UTKU T. , Izmir  ( Kidney Cancer ) Distant Healing

On December 2017, my nine-year-old son was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, he had stage 3 cancer. Doctors immediately started chemotherapy in order to shrink the tumor. The tumor have spread all over his kidney in a very short period of time. My son was suffering a lot because of the side effects of chemotherapy. He could not eat for 10 days due to toothache. His stomach was very sensitive and cannot tolerate any food, he was suffering from nausea, vomiting and frequent belching. He started to have excruciating pain in his abdomen and legs. He couldn’t sleep and his mood went really down. He refused to communicate to the doctors or anyone else. We couldn’t leave the hospital due to this multiple side effects of chemotherapy. After second session of energy healing from Mr. Alp Ozdel, my son’s pain in his abdominal area and legs have disappeared. His gastrointestinal function came back to normal. His appetite came back and he had stopped from nausea and vomiting. He was willingly accepting bioenergy healing. The Bioenergy healing that my son received, although it was remotely, had manifested wonderful healing to my son’s physical and psychological  condition . Thank you for this energy healing the hospitalization is coming along much better. The bioenergy healing was tremendous support and gave positive effects to my son’s cancer treatment. I cannot thank Mr Alp Ozdel   enough, who is passionate in his work and is an authentic  bio-energist . Bioenergy healing is now a part of my and my son’s life for our health. I recommend bioenergy healing , it made a significant support during cancer treatment process.

 OKSAN M. , Newport News  ( Breast and Armpit Pain )

I have heard nothing, but great things about Mr. Alp for more than 10 years. We first met at a friends house and at the time I told him about my left breast and armpit pain and he said that he would really like to help me on this. I accepted his helped and he was able to completely get rid of the pain in just under two minutes. I suffered with this pain for almost a month and after he performed his bio-energy technique, I have had no pain under my left breast and armpit area almost 10 days.

But He advised me that I should definitely see a doctor about this pain.  I wish him more success and more miracles on his path.

NERGIS I. , New Jersey ( Depression and Quick Recovery After 8hrs Surgery )

 I have found Mr. Ozdel’s information online in 2017. I had gone through divorce recently and changed my job and was having problems coping with the high stress and depression. I was always angry and I could not control my anger and stress level.After going through therapists, nothing seemed to ease my physical  or emotional pain and my depression seemed to deepen. I did not want to seek painkillers or anti-depressants as a remedy. I was skeptical about bio-energy healing at first as anybody would be but I had nothing to loose at that point so I decided to give it a chance. After the first session of bio energy, I realized that my stress level came down and my energy level increased. That first day after the session, I had so much energy in me that I started painting my son’s room. I never held a painting brush in my hand before. I was so amazed. As I continued the sessions, I have become a different person. None of my stress at work or in my private life has disappeared but the way I looked at life seemed to have changed dramatically. The tone of my voice softened as my best friends told me and I started smiling more and overall I had a more optimistic perspective in every problem I was dealing with. The change in me was so obvious that people started telling me that my whole aura became positive. My physical pain was gone. Recently, I had an important surgery that lasted 8 hours and post surgery, I had so much pain. I was prescribed oxycodone but instead I contacted Mr. Ozdel again and asked for his help. He has worked on me several days and as a result I healed a lot quicker with a lot less pain than my doctors assumed I would have. My son also had problems breathing. He had to use oxygen because of this asthma. I have asked for Mr. Ozdel’s help and after he worked on my son a couple times, we have given a long break to use the oxygen healer. I am well aware of the fact that the concept of bio-energy healing is open to discussions and misuse and abuse but my experience with Mr. Ozdel was almost like a miracle. I know it does not work the same way for everybody but if you are in physical or emotional pain that you can not cope with, bio-energy is definitely a method you should give a shot. Mr. Ozdel is very knowledgeable and educated in his profession and he is a very genuine person.I recommend you get to know him first. You will find out for yourself that you can trust him.

ELSIE V. , Virginia Beach   ( Migraine Headaches )

I have suffered chronic migraine headaches through many years. When it attacks I am not able to function my job as a nurse. The nausea, pulsating headaches and photosensitivity just want me to keep my eyes closed and stay still in a dark room. I am also one that does  not like taking medications due to bad experience of side effects, I usually resort to home remedies. At one time my headaches won’t go away for three days in which I had to consult my primary care doctor who prescribed a strong migraine medicine, even at that time I was hesitant to have the prescription filled up as I dread the side effects. While in my car, still at that doctor’s office parking lot,  I remembered calling Alp, who at that time was out of the country, on the phone he immediately sensed that I wasn’t well. He asked me to stay still, relax, lock my car doors and accept the energy as he was going to send energy healing. It was so powerful that after about 15 minutes, I felt like I woke up from a long nap, the headaches went away instantaneously and I was able to proceed to my work. That was the last time I suffered migraine headaches. I’m very grateful for the healing and for this priceless gift that Alp Ozdel has, it works and there is no side effects. 

 CARLA D. C. ,  New Jersey  ( Depression ) 

Just want to say thank you for everything. You helped me so much. I would definitely recommend you to do the healing. I feel so much better in a past couple of days. It feels that a huge weight was taken away from me. I’ve been so stressed out and had problems. I also had pains in my body since I had the flu. Since you came by Tuesday, I haven’t even had any type of pain and stress. Everyday I’ve been smiling and not feeling depressed. I use to take depression pills to get myself out of it but for the past couple of days I haven’t rely on it. I don’t have to worry about the stress level I deal with on everyday basis. I can even sleep better at night and wake up refreshed. You helped me a lot Alp! Thank you.

 MARRY S. , Virginia Beach  ( Total Body Healing )

The healing I received from Alp was very powerful. Although I ask for a specific physical healing, I feel like I received a total body healing. I mentally felt more alert following the session. I could feel the pain leaving the areas that were of concerned. I anticipate that this healing session will remain with me for a very long time. I can physically feel my body vibrating. I feel that Alp has a very powerful gift.

MERDAN E. , Virginia Beach  ( Migraine Headaches and Ankle Pain )

My name is Merdan Eren. I met Alp through ATEV group. We became friend and have been for many years now and found that he is a very gifted person. Alp helped me with my migraine headaches and ankle pain that I had. He used Energy to help with these problems by doing healing process face-to-face and did long distance. I am now pain free and I am so glad I met Alp and got to know him. He is a wonderful person and a miracle worker. Thank you so much..

RABIA G. D. ,  Virginia Beach  ( Depression )

Alp is extraordinarily brilliant! Meeting Alp was the best thing that’s happened to me during difficult times of my life. His transformative healing energy sessions help me tremendously overcome the challenge I was facing. Today because of his precious gift I feel stronger and happier.

 NESRIN A. , Ontario ( Shoulder and Leg Pain )

I was very pleased with my experience with Alp Ozdel. I received so much good information and felt so well cared.It was good to be treated with professionalism and care.

GULSEN T. , Izmir (Colon, Liver, and Lung Cancer)

My mother has been suffering from colon, liver, and lung cancer for two years. She has received 24 – 25 chemotherapies so far and took a medication called Xeloda seven times a day for 14 days. Because of the chemotherapies and drugs, she had numbing in her hands and feet. She used to fall down while walking around the house. She always had pain since the beginning of the disease and was suffering from sleeping and eating disorders due to stomachaches. She had hair loss and her skin was pale.

I met Mr. Alp Ozdel in that time by coincidence. She took 3 therapy sessions in a row. After sessions, she hasn’t suffered from any pain which was chronic before. She has a regular and comfortable sleep pattern now. Her appetite has got better. She has gained two kilos whereas she used to lose steadily. She can do the house chores and go out. She is in high spirits now; she listens to music, her hair loss has stopped. Her skin color has changed. Of course, such positive changes have brought happiness, joy and peace into our home. I, myself, also experienced the healing energy in a group session. It’s beyond words to describe. I thank Mr. Ozdel with all my heart… May your healing energy last progressively.

NEJAT  A. , Izmir (Plantar Fasciitis)

I am 69 years old and retired. I started to suffer from a dull pain on my left heel ten months ago and it got worse. Eventually, I saw a doctor and was told that it is Plantar Fasciitis. The only medicine I took was painkillers and I was suffering from pain as soon as they wore off. Even if I did the exercises I’d been told to do regularly, numbers of my afternoon walks reduced. I was in severe pain while walking. My friend’s daughter has told me about you and my wife insisted on seeing you. To be honest, I didn’t use to believe in those kinds of things and thought he might be a faker. Now I feel ashamed of thinking such things. I was so blind and close – minded to think so. I confessed this to Mr. Ozdel at the end of our therapy but he took it so naturally and told me he is used to hearing such things and there are a lot of people out there thinking the same. For two months, I haven’t suffered from any pain on my heel and can continue my walks. I’ve learned that many disorders/diseases can be healed by Bioenergy. So glad to have you Mr. Ozdel.

MINE A. , Istanbul (Restless Legs Syndrome – Plantar Fasciitis – Foot Tumor)

I am 70 years old and was suffering from restless legs syndrome for years. Now, I feel grateful for Mr. Alp Ozdel who has healed me in such a short time as 7 sessions.

ZUBEYDE S. , Izmir ( Head, Neck and Foot aches)

I suffered from head, neck and foot aches for years until I met Mr. Ozdel through my friend. After three sessions I took, all pain has gone. I still can’t believe it. I wish I could meet you before.  I am forever thankful, Mr. Ozdel.

BANU B. , Izmir (Spinal and Cervical Disc Herniation, Sinusitis, Emotional)

Meeting him is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We came across at a time that I wasn’t able to hold on my physical and emotional blockages which I had since childhood. In addition to two hernia operations in the last three years, my physical and emotional pains were at an extreme level. After the session we had, I felt really relieved.

With only one session, my head, spine, and other pains in the body got healed. I, mentally, calmed down in spite of the pressure I used to feel occasionally.  Therapy also worked for the sinusitis blockage. I hadn’t breathed so freely for a very long time.

You know your own body and heart. You can tell what you need. The experience I had with him can also be considered like this. I highly recommend him to those who either suffer or not. This energy should be experienced. We all should keep it in our lives. Looking forward to meeting you again, Mr. OZDEL…I am very grateful to you and your healing energy

SONAY Y. , Izmir  (Depression)

I want to critisice the era we’re living in by saying “We have a lot to do. Always”. However, thinking once more, I see this has always happened in the same way since the beginning. We have always had a to – do list. In therapy session I took, I felt as if time stopped. All my concerns, wishes and to – do lists stopped. It was just about the moment and I met that beautiful energy. The character I have, the city I live in, the people I know, and all my losses were insignificant. A moment when I was all by myself. I can’t properly describe the experiences I had during the session but I remember how bright were the colours and how well I felt myself when I went out. Thank god, I’m healthy and don’t suffer from anything serious but the reason I’m writing this e – mail is the grief I was suffering from after I lost my parents. I also had little flu which was insignificant compared to my state of mind at that time but that flu made me want to lay down all day and rest. I went to the session in that condition. When it was over, I went out alive. I’m sure the things I’ve said will be considered as irrelevant when other people whose roads have come across with Mr. Ozdel’s, tell their stories. I wanted to tell my part, though. I thank and wish all the best for you Mr. Ozdel.

NILUFER A. , Izmir (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

The pain and numbing in my right ankle and hand I had for few months everyday I woke up have reduced so much that it feels like I no longer have them after the first therapy session I had with Mr. Ozdel. The doctor I saw before, told me the operation was only solution. Thank you so much.

SERKAN K. , Izmir (Pinched nerve in Neck)

Thank you Mr. Alp Ozdel who healed miraculously the pain I suffered from for 20 years in my neck.

IVON B. , Izmir (Pinched Nerve in Leg)

Mr. Ozdel has healed my leg ache that I suffered from for years. I just can’t believe it because there wasn’t any doctor left to go. I’ve always considered myself as a positive person but thanks to Mr. Ozdel, now I am even more. I look forward him to come back to Izmir. By the way, the pain and numbing in my hand have disappeared. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

DANIEL B. , Izmir (Distractibility and Aches in Body)

Bioenergy is a marvelous thing. At first, I didn’t believe that it exists but after I took sessions with him, I’ve figured out what a great thing it is and couldn’t help myself to take more sessions. After a certain amount of sessions, concentration level increases. Additionally, it helped me a lot with the aches. I find Bioenergy useful before my exams in particular. It has increased my productivity in exams tremendously.

YILMAZ E. , Izmir (Cervical and Spinal Disc Herniation, Aches in Body)

For few years, I was suffering from unbearable aches and I was suspicious about having Cervical and Spinal Disc Herniation. After MR results, I turned out to be right. I was supposed to have an operation immediately but after meeting Mr. Ozdel, I gave up this idea and took five therapy sessions. On the fourth session, numbing in right hand and aches have gone. I’ve got rid of the aches in various parts of my body and have recovered in such a short time. Now I see  life in a more positive way.

HATICE Y. , Izmir (Achalasia – Gullet, and Stomach)

Hello, my name is Hatice Yılmaz. I am 55 years old and a housewife. I’ve always been such a person who thinks so much, is careful while communicating, and a perfectionist while dealing with the details. I’ve got tired of raising four children, doing house chores, being the good wife for years. I’ve been using psychiatric medications for 15 years. Two years ago, I went to a hospital in Izmir because of my medical complaints such as inappetency, eating disorders, vomiting, nausea, and sudden weight loss. I was diagnosed with Achalasia. I was treated with balloon dilation after the examinations in a university hospital. This disease has a tendency to relapse as it is stress – based. I’ve also suffered from my intestines for years. No matter what I ate, I had to use the restroom immeadiately as if they hadn’t been digested. Sometimes in the middle of the meal, and usually four or five times after meal, I had to use the restroom. In the last year, I was always in the bathroom even if I hadn’t eaten anthing. Of course, this situation caused sleeping disorders. I used to stay in bed when I had flu or cold. I could only eat soup to take my medications. In spite of the check – ups, tests, and examinations in various hospital around Izmir, doctors couldn’t be able to diagnose my intestines problem. They said everything looked fine and healthy. Even the proffessor doctors couldn’t find anything although they examined me in person. I got sick of seeing so many doctors. I am such a religious person. People around me wanted to direct me towards fortunetellers and hodjas. I believe in the power of praying. That’s why I rejected all of them.

My daugter told me once that she saw a fortuneteller. This woman told her that I needed someone with healing hands. No other could help me. I didn’t care when I first heard it. My deceased husband’s cousin met my daughter one day and recommended Mr. Ozdel when he heard about my condition. He added that he experienced this healing himself and felt satisfied. My daughter didn’t tell me this as she knows me well. One day, though, she told me she would take me somewhere when I was in bed and suffering from flu for a week. She insisted even I told her that I wasn’t able to walk. I wasn’t telling anyone but I had already given up on myself. I was thinking, death may be a solution for my condition. Despite all those tests, examinations, and graphs, I couldn’t get cured. Hardly, we got ready and went out. The institution to which I went, was really corporate, clean and trustworthy. Employees were also friendy. There, I met Mr. Alp Ozdel. He told about his proficiency and the process of the treatment. I took my first session in the first evening. After a 60 – 90 mins long session, I could go home by walking. The next day, I could go out for shopping, it was like a miracle. The power of Bioenergy enabled me to stand still for 10 – 15 mins without difficulty although I wasn’t able to stand up before the session. Then, I took four more sessions. I feel much better compared to past. I’ve reconnected with life and now I feel much more powerful. Achalasia disease is almost over. I will continue taking sessions as I believe it will heal all the problems I’ve suffered from for years. I am forever grateful to Mr. Ozdel who is a master in this field, has taken Bioenergy classes abroad, is a prayer and helps patients like me. I strongly believe that I will get healed. Lives can change and problems can be solved by coincidences. May god bless Mr. Ozdel and the one who helped me to find him.

GULCIN G. , Izmir (Panic Attack, Migraine, Dizziness)

My name is Gulcin Gok and I am 40 years old. I try to  struggle with panic attack, migraine, and dizziness for 13 years. I’ve seen all doctors and taken all medicines. However, they were no good. The pains and dizzines have become part of my daily life. Ultimately, I lost my connection with life. Even using the transportation has become a torture for me. I started to leave home barely. I’ve heard that Bioenergy is very practicable in healing some certain disorders and I’ve decided to try it in the last resort. Then I met Mr. Ozdel. His friendly, intimate, and honest attitude has made me believe that I would get better. I experienced various feelings during sessions. Each time was different. I got home happily every time. I realized that level of my pains and dizziness that I was suffering from have reduced in a short time. For a week, I haven’t had dizziness and all my concerns and anxiety have disappeared. I haven’t taken any painkillers so far. I feel happy and glad although my sessions have just finished. Complaints I have had seem to disappear in such a short time that I can’t even believe. I feel forever grateful to Mr. Ozdel. I know there are a lot of people out there who suffer like I did. I hope, this comment leads them to him. Thank you Mr. Alp Ozdel,  I feel really happy. I wish all the best for you.

HASAN O. , Izmir (Panic Attack)

My faith in Bioenergy has increased thanks to Mr. Ozdel. I am now healthy after I met you through a friend and believed in you. Panic attack was really challenging for me as being indoors and using transportation used to feel like impossible. After 3 times sessions, I’ve been able to use transportation and public spaces. I no longer use any medications. I hope people who suffer from panic attack can see and read my message[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]