[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1492486655908{background-color: #ffffff !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]glowing-chakras[1]Bioenergy a.k.a “Cosmic Energy” can be briefly defined as life energy or fluency. This energy flows constantly from the universe into all living beings, including our bodies. First of all, we need to know that all living beings have this energy. Our body is like an electronical device needing electric energy to function. Likewise we need this cosmic energy to survive.  In order to have this energy flowing within the body properly and make sure all internal organs get the right amount of energy, 7 main chakras, 28 auxiliary chakras related to them, and energy points on 12 meridians in the body need to be unblocked which is also called “clean”. Otherwise, blocked chakras and energy canals lead to disorders within the body by accumulating negative energy. The environment we live in (air pollution, hormone – injected foods, harmful electromagnetic waves etc.), life – style we have (malnutrition, excessive stress, not doing sports etc.), mental strain, anxiety, grief, supression, negative thoughts may lead to serious imbalances in our bodies. In this point, our body starts to speak in the language of medical complaints such as pain, insomnia, stenosis, tachycardia, hidrosis, impotence and so on. The main reason for such complaints is the imbalance in our body.

Diseases are first formed in energy body before appearing as physical symptoms. It means, internal and external effects we have in our minds, weaken body’s immune system. As a result of damaged chakras and energy – circulation system, energy blockages occur. At this point, the balance between chakras gets broken and so does the balance of body. Finally, diseases occur in the related organ, and this causes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disorders. Human health consists of 3 main elements. Spirit, body, and mind… When one of these elements is damaged, the others are affected negatively as well.Bioenergist balances the chakras and cleans the blockages. The rhythm within and the magnetic field a.k.a AURA around the human body get fixed when the chakras function steadily.  Body starts to fix itself as the energy fluency functions properly. Bioenergy needs to be in balance. This is not only crucial for disorders to heal in short time, but also for body to protect itself against the likelihood of any risks. We feel more alive, energetic, healthy and happy in the light of clean chakras which are opened by Bioenergy therapy. Bioenergy is a complete natural energy which flows from the hands of the practitioner. It doesn’t have any side effects and can be conducted by placing hands on or above the specific parts of your body, and even by mind control which is effective in healing a patient at a distance, by the use of special techniques.

Today, Bioenergy is widely used in Russia, Azerbaijan, China, England, Japan, and some of the Western Europe countries. 17,000 bioenergists are employed in European countries only.


***Important: Please note that Bioenergy is a supplementary medicine that stabilizes physical body’s energy body. It is not a diagnosis or a medical treatment. Bioenegist cannot claim a definitive diagnosis or a medical treatment. He cannot promise or guarantee aything. Bioenergy session eliminates the imbalances of body. It strengthens the immune system. By re – balancing the body’s energy field and re – establishing the flow, the body recuperates. It is in your responsibility to follow your medical treatments and medical controls.


***According to the governmental decree law which was published in the official journal no 28103 published by the Turkish Government on 02.11.2011, with “KHK/663/8 law article’s Ğ paragraph” SUPPLEMENTARY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE PRACTICE (BIOENERGY) was included into the health care by HEALTH MINISTRY and studies about this subject were initiated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]